Running workouts boost stamina, endurance and help you lose weight

The result is a leaner, more toned physique.

In a recent experiment, Harvard researchers found that men and women who exercise regularly, no matter their age or level of fitness, perform better in several standard measures of mental and physical strength, including better-coordinated hand-eye coordination. Many people (mostly men) struggle with this issue. Some of them don’t even realize that lack of exercise is one of the biggest reasons why they have difficulty getting into the best shape of their lives.

woman running sprint intervals

As someone who is a competitive runner, I know that I will inevitably have to cut back on running during the off season if I want to maintain my best form. And, for me, this season was no exception. Fortunately for us runners, this is a great time to introduce more high-intensity interval training into our routine. High-intensity interval training is a technique similar to sprint intervals, just with a little more duration. Because the intervals are fairly short, they force your body to go beyond your comfort zone several times in one session and can really burn some calories. This technique also helps you boost your VO2 max, helping you use oxygen faster and burn fat (in addition to using muscle) during exercise.

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How to Build Better Speed: In the past, I was one of those people who would do a sprint interval on the track and then run around the track until I was ready to collapse. Sprint intervals are an excellent way to build speed. There is a lot of science behind the fact that the body adapts to even the toughest of sprint training pretty quickly, and can develop an incredible amount of stamina in a few months. If you are not able to run, a jump rope workout is a good substitute for it.