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  1. Maximizing benefits: The power of jumping rope training

    Elevate your fitness journey and reap the rewards of rope skipping.

    Are you ready to unleash your inner athlete and take your fitness to new heights? Let's embark on an exhilarating journey that will transform your body and mind. Jumping rope, an ancient exercise form, holds the key to unlocking a myriad of benefits while infusing your workouts with excitement and energy. Step into the world of jump rope workouts and witness the incredible results that await you.

    jump rope with light blue bearings

    Jumping rope is not just child's play …

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  2. Unlock your strength: Harness the power of tension in your workouts

    Building muscle safely and effectively through strategic resistance training.

    Feeling the tension build up in your muscles is not just about pushing yourself until it hurts—it's about achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. As a fitness enthusiast, you strive to lift weights that challenge you without risking injury. So, what's the solution? When your muscles feel the burn, it's a sign that you're increasing the resistance, which in turn engages more muscles to lift the weight. Let's explore how you can achieve …

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  3. Embracing inclusivity in fitness

    Breaking down barriers for all abilities.

    Let's focus on the unique opportunities available to you and the ways in which they can lead to growth and improvement. There should be no limits to what we can achieve, regardless of our background or abilities. We're talking about real people, individuals, not just companies or political systems. Whether you're able-bodied or have disabilities, everyone has the potential to achieve their fitness goals. It's not about demographics or personal characteristics, but about the fact that we all have …

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  4. The importance of a positive mindset in training

    How a positive attitude can make a big impact on your workouts.

    It's easy to get caught up in the belief that we need the latest and greatest workout equipment or the fanciest gym membership to have a successful and enjoyable training experience. However, the truth is that it's often the smallest and simplest things that can make the biggest impact on our happiness and progress during our workouts.


    One key element to a happy training experience is finding an activity or sport that you …

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  5. How to assess your strength for leg press workouts

    The number of repetitions should be in accordance with the following equation:

    1 rep is a set of 6-8 repetitions per exercise. The number of repetitions for the exercise will depend on the weight used and the exercises difficulty. Overhead Press Leg Raise Exercise and Weight Overhead Press Leg Raise Exercise: The exercises above use heavy weights. For example, a weight of 110 kg (255 lbs) will not be more than 85 percent of the overhead press (220 lb, or 91 kg).


    The exercise below …

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