Kettlebell curls - strengthening and sculpting your body

Unlock a full body workout with kettlebell curls and snatches.

For a full-body workout that incorporates cardiovascular and strength training, it doesn't always require lifting heavy weights in the deadlift, squat, and bench press.

man doing kettlebell

Enter the kettlebell curl, a warm-up exercise that can be performed with or without weight and offers a low-impact workout that won't quickly fatigue your muscles. The kettlebell squat, a strength training exercise, targets your hips, legs, and quads, while the kettlebell curl and kettlebell snatch - performed with an empty kettlebell - can help prepare you for the heavier lifting in your workout.


After just 3 to 5 minutes of kettlebell curls, you'll feel the burn and by increasing the weight used, you can continue to challenge yourself and improve. Incorporating kettlebell curls into a circuit routine of multiple rounds with rest periods in between, is a preferred method of training for kettlebell fans. And you can also include the training jump rope to warm-up or add variety to your workout.


Not only does this form of workout help build strength, it also offers the added benefit of jumping rope - improving cardiovascular endurance and coordination.